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2nd international conference on generative systems in the electronic arts
5-7th December, 2001, Melbourne, Australia

logo 2nd international conference on generative systems in the electronic arts
The Centre for Electronic Media Art (CEMA) announces...
Second Iteration : emergence
2nd international conference on generative systems in the electronic arts


Call for Participation

Second Iteration : emergence is the event for anyone with an interest in the relationship between generative processes, creativity and artistic practice. The key theme will be emergence: the property of simple, interacting processes to acquire characteristics and form beyond those directly attributable to the sum of the individual components. Second Iteration will investigate the discontinuities between poeisis and physis, and how these processes influence the development of creative ideas. Following on from the highly successful First Iteration (1999), this year's conference will again be held in Melbourne, Australia.

Second Iteration : topics of interest

Artificial Life
Artificial selection
Cellular automata
Cultural interpretations of generative theories & methodologies
Digital nature
Evolutionary aspects of creativity & creative behaviour
Feedback networks
Genetic algorithms
Learning & knowledge-based systems
Mathematical & generative modelling
Models of creativity and creative processes
Neural networks
Recombinant media
Rule-based systems
Software artworks
Systems theory

Second Iteration : applications

Computer graphics
Cultural theory
Electronic & computer-based music composition
Evolutionary theory
Software development
Visual, sound & performance art
Virtual environments

- Further details including submission dates are available on the conference website http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~iterate
or by emailing the organizers on iterate@csse.monash.edu.au

Pour en savoir plus
First Iteration conference : http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~iterate/FI/index.html

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